Family makes this house a home.

At Tiny Toes we want you to make our house your home. We are one big family and from the moment your family join Tiny Toes we hope you feel love and support as we step into the future together.

Tiny Toes has grown over the last few years from a child minders into a private nursery. Throughout this change our core values and beliefs have remained the same. You and your child are at the centre of what we do and how we do it. We feel that when you start and end with the child, you achieve great things. Through following your child’s interests and the Early Years Foundation Stage framework our days consist of child led, play based activities which ensure your child is able to reach their fullest potential whilst feeling the minimum of pressure.

We are based in what was once a family home in the village of Hambleton, near Selby on the A63. Tiny Toes sits just across the road from Hambleton Primary School and can offer childcare from birth to eleven. Many children join us for breakfast club before school and return for their tea at the end of the day.

 Throughout the day the children at Tiny Toes work closely together, combining the ages for different activities as well as meal times, circle times and being outside. Being together in these family groups allows the children to grow and learn from each other. All children are able to develop their communication skills as well as their understanding and compassion. The interactions between the ages is closely observed and scaffolded by all staff as we believe this is such an important part of your child’s socialisation. Society begins within the family.

There may be times when different ages are taken to other areas for activities but it is not long before we are back together.

Meal times are around the family dining table where the day’s events of the school children and those who have been in the setting for different sessions can be shared.   Our staff are highly qualified child practitioners who share a genuine love of Early Years and child development. We are parents ourselves and know how hard it is to leave your most valued possession. You need to feel both safe and secure and therefore our tailored ‘settling in periods’ offer you and your child the time to get to know the staff and the setting. At whatever stage in your child’s journey you join we will be there to offer support and assistance, since a close relationship between ourselves and yourselves produces the best outcome for your child.

” There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominating virtues of human, are created, strengthened and maintained.” Winston Churchill